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Hop Pocket

Hop Pocket is a new and unusual sport that has come out of UK. The World Championship Hop Pocket races are run in Bromyard Herefordshire annually, first held in 2011. The race was devised a few years back to celebrate the connection between the town of Bromyard in Herefordshire and the Hop Industry.

Hop Pocket Race TeamHop Pocket race action (supplied)

The World Championship Hop Pocket race is based around a Hop Pocket, which is a large sack into which the dried Hop flowers are compressed and stored prior to being used to brew beer.

The World Championship race Hop Pocket weighs 75kg (the approx. weight of a normal Hop Pocket) which a team of four have to race whilst carrying over a 600 metre course through the main streets of Bromyard, across the race course we put a barrier that they have to jump, or more than likely walk, over.

In 2017, the World Champions in both the open class and the ladies class received a prize of £160 per team, plus beers and trophies!

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