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What happens when nerds are allowed to invent a sport? You get a game like Faceball. The objective of the sport is to simply throw an inflated ball at any part of the opponents head. The game was popularized by John Allspaw and Dunstan Orchard, in 2007 while working at Flickr.

The only equipment required for the game are two chairs and a small exercise ball or a beach ball. Here is how the game goes. Two players, both sit on a chair facing each other, 10 feet apart. One player starts by throwing the ball at the opponents face. A throw can be delivered by any means, a toss and strike like a volleyball serve is also accepted. The opponent has to stay still and cannot finch. The thrower can continue to throw at the opponent as long as it keeps hitting the opponents head. Each hit is awarded one point. If the thrower misses it time for the opponent to throw.

When both players are done with their turn it's the end of one round. A game is played for a fixed number of rounds that is accepted between the two players. The player with the most hits at the end is the winner.

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