Beer Drinking Competitions

Drinking beer is a big part of university life, and on special occasions or just when all the boys are out on the town, a beer sculling (chugging) race may be held. It may just involve a one-on-one competition to see who can drink a glass of beer the quickest, or a team of drinkers who drink one at a time until all team members have finished. The drinking vessel size may range from a small cup to the traditional yard glass. Below are a couple of rules that you may see in beer drinking races.

Some rules

David Boon: Legendary sports person and beer drinker

David BoonDavid Boon is a legendary Australian Cricketer, but also a legend for his drinking exploits. On a flight between London and Sydney for the 1989 Ashes series, Boonie, known as "the keg on legs", set the record for most beer consumed on the flight - 52 cans of full strength beer. This record will, most likely, never be broken, as I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to serve you that many tinnies nowadays.

Bob Hawke: Bob Hawke Beer DrinkerEx-Australian Prime Minister, and ex-express beer drinker.

Australia is known for its beer drinking, and it’s most famous drinking record was set by the legendary ex-Australian Prime Minister Robert (Bob) Hawke in 1955. He drank 2.5 pints of beer in 11 seconds while a student at University College, Oxford.

beer drinking - an Aussie pastimebeer drinking - an Aussie pastime


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