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Rugby Union in other Languages

The sport we know as rugby union is not necessarily called by the same name around the world. For example, in Italy rugby league is called Rugby a 13, while rugby union is called Rugby a 15. Here is a list of the names for rugby union in many of the languages of the world.

The names are taken from the Wikipedia page for rugby union in each of these languages. You will notice that many of the names appear to be just the phonetic spelling of rugby union in the other languages. See a similar list for rugby league.

Name by Language

Language Name for the sport of rugby union
Anglo-Saxon Hrōcburhgesamnunge plega
Arabic اتحاد الرغبي
Armenian Ռեգբի 15
Basque Hamabosteko errugbi
Bengali রাগবি ইউনিয়ন
Cantonese 聯合式欖球
Catalan Rugbi a 15
Chinese 橄欖球
Croatian Rugby union
Czech Rugby union
Danish Rugby union
Dutch Rugby union
Eastern Punjabi ਰਗਬੀ ਯੂਨੀਅਨ
Egyptian Arabic اتحاد الرجبى
English Rugby union
Esperanto Rugbeo 15
Fiji Hindi Rugby union
Finnish Rugby union
French Rugby à XV
German Rugby Union
Greek Ράγκμπι γιούνιον
Hindi रग्बी यूनियन
Indonesian Uni rugbi
Interlingua Rugby a 15
Italian Rugby a 15
Japanese ラグビーユニオン
Karakalpak Regbıy
Korean 럭비 유니언
Latin Harpastum XV
Limburgish Rugby union
Luxembourgish Rugby Union
Marathi रग्बी युनियन
Min Nan La-gú-bih liân-ha̍p
Norwegian Rugby union
Occitan Rugbi de XV
Persian راگبی ۱۵ نفره
Polish Rugby union
Russian Регби
Scots Rugby union
Scottish Gaelic Aonadh Rugbaidh
Serbian Рагби јунион
Serbo-Croatian Rugby union
Slovak Ragby (Rugby Union)
Sundanese Rugbi union
Swedish Rugby union
Tajik Регби
Thai รักบี้ยูเนียน
Turkish Ragbi birliği
Ukrainian Регбі-15
Urdu رگبی یونین
Venetian Rugby a 15
Vietnamese Rugby union
Welsh Rygbi'r undeb
West Frisian Unyrugby
Wu 橄榄球

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