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Flexibility Tests for Tenpin Bowling

Poor flexibility for tenpin bowers may result in a decreased range of movement and can therefore limit technique, resulting in poor muscle function and resulting in a greater risk of injury.

Flexibility is dependent on the joint being tested. These tests were selected as the movements measured were deemed to be important in tenpin bowling. The flexibility tests should be performed following a good warm-up.

To improve your flexibility, you should perform regular stretching exercises as part of your warm-up and after training.

Equipment required: goniometer, sit and reach box, and floor mat.

Hamstring and Lower Back (Sit & Reach Test)

The sit and reach test can be performed to measure the flexibility of the hamstrings and lower back region, an area important for tenpin. Your score indicates how far past your toes you could reach (a positive number) or how far short of your toes you can reach (a negative number).

procedure: This test involves sitting on the floor with legs out straight. Feet (shoes off) are placed flat against the box. The athlete leans forward slowly as far as possible and holds the greatest stretch for at least two seconds. Make sure there are no jerky movements, and that the fingertips remain level and the legs flat.

scoring: The score is recorded as the distance before (negative) or beyond (positive) the toes. Repeat twice and record the best score.

sit and reach flexibility test sit and reach flexibility test

Hip Extension (Thomas Test)

procedure: the athlete lies face-up on a bench with the hips just on the edge of the bench. One knee is pulled up to the chest, while leaving the leg to be tested to hang freely over the edge.

scoring: the score is recorded as the hip joint angle. Repeat for each side.

Shoulder Extension

procedure: the athlete lies face up on a bench, with the shoulder to be tested overlapping the edge. Move the hand back as far as possible, keeping the elbow straight and palm facing upward.

scoring: record shoulder joint angle from horizontal at maximum extension. Repeat for each shoulder.

Ankle Flexion (Soleus Stretch Test)

procedure: Stand the maximum distance you can stand flat-footed away from the wall, and also be able to bend your knee to touch the wall. 

scoring: There are two ways of measuring this stretch, either measure the ankle angle using a goniometer, or more simply just measure the distance from the foot to the wall. Repeat for each leg.

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