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Eating Guidelines for Bowling

Bowling is just like any other sport. To maximize your performance you must be in top condition, and a good diet is an important aspect of this.

The major nutritional concern for most bowlers is extra body weight. Excess body fat is only a hindrance, there is no benefit to bowling performance. Not only does it add extra stress to the muscles and bones of the body as you bowl, the stress on your heart is potentially life threatening.

Excess body fat also can hinder your bowling technique, restricting movement, making it more difficult to produce correct technique, and the fatigue from carrying the extra weight can reduce your training time and add distractions to your game. As you can see, it is advantageous in many ways to lose weight.

It is important to eat a healthy, well balanced diet. Most people have a good idea what is a healthy diet and what is not. As bowlers, the challenge is to find the healthy food at the bowling centers. Often you don't have the healthy choice from the snack bar, and subsequently many bowlers are overweight. The answer is in the planning. Prepare healthy food at home, and take it with you when you go bowling.

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