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swimming training programSwimming: Training Program sets out 300 swimming schedules and 115 weight schedules making up a single six-month training cycle. Each week's program, which in most cases involves thirteen swimming schedules and five weight schedule, also includes a description of how the week's program is compatible with and contributes to Lydiard's training objectives.

Chapters include the Aerobic Build Up period, the Transition period, then the Anaerobic Conditioning period and finally, the most important of all, Trials and Coordination race preparation period.

This book is for the competitive swimmer, but also less experienced swimmers not yet able to handle the full Lydiard program will find tips on how to modify the schedules to bring them down to a volume that they can manage. This appeals to young athletes just setting out on their senior competitive careers or recreational swimmers who use swimming as part of their fitness program or triathletes who have to allocate training time to three disciplines or surf swimmers using pool work to prepare for their specialist sport.

The author David Wright is from New Zealand. He has coached swimmers to win 22 New Zealand open Championships and break 45 open and age group records. His swimmers have successfully represented New Zealand at Olympic, Commonwealth and Pan Pacific Games.

The second author, Jane Copland, is a breaststroke champion and open record holder and has represented New Zealand at the Pan Pacific and Oceania Games. In the Oceania Games she placed second in the 200m breaststroke.

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