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(note: there are a few sports going by the name zoneball, which appear to be uniquely different sports which just share the same name. See more details below)

The new sport of Zoneball was created by Ethan T Reilly from Wisconsin, the United States, in February 2017. It is a game combining the best aspects of rugby, football, and soccer. The ball is bigger than a softball, and smaller than a soccer ball. It looks like a soccer ball. There are seven players on field per team in Zoneball. The game is sixty minutes in length, divided into "sixths" of ten minutes each. The goal is to land the ball in the opposing team's end-zone, stationary. The ball can be thrown or kicked at any time.


There are four zones: defensive-zone, mid-zone, offensive-zone, and end-zone. There must be at least one player in defensive=zone, mid-zone, and offensive-zone, but offensive-zone's players can double as end-zone players. There must be a total of seven players on the field per team at once. Where they go is up to the coach. The field is also split up into right-zone, left-zone, and centre-zone, although there isn't a requirement of which zone to take regarding this.

It is illegal in the game to be in your own end-zone, and doing so will result in a penalty which the opposing team gets a free throw or kick from the sidelines of where the ball was when the penalty occurred. It is also illegal to throw or kick the ball outside the general zone area (the field) and doing so grants the opposing team the opportunity to kick or throw the ball where it left off.

The game is played on a football field. The game starts off as the away team has the ball on the first-yard line and has the ability to throw or kick the ball freely. Before each sixth begins, every player is always on their own team's zone. When the ball is kicked or thrown, then the players go into each other's zones. Every sixth alternates who gets the ball first, and after the third-sixth the zones are switched.

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