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The new sport of Zapball was created by Vinay Babla from the United Kingdom in April 2016. This futuristic sport combines elements of shooting, handball and football but does not involve traditional shooting. Instead of shooting to damage, this sport involves shooting at a teammate with a ball (which is soft) to make a pass (as well as shooting at a goal in order to score).

The main piece of equipment is the "zapper", which resembles a toy shooter but, uniquely, can both shoot and receive a ball (potentially through the same hole). The zapper (and zapball) don't exist yet and that is why this is a futuristic sport.

Sport Description

The sport is played on a rectangular area (either indoor or outdoor) with 2 goals at opposite ends

Equipment Required

Zapball is a futuristic sport but it can be played today without the 2-in-1 shooter and receiver. Players can simply the catch a ball (ideally made of foam material or other material that is soft) with their hands before loading it into their gun and then shooting after that. It is a longer process but a reasonable substitute in the meantime.

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Other Zap Sports

Vinay Babla has also suggested a couple of other sports that could ustized the "zapper".

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