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The new sport of Yorkball was created by Peyton Pons & Patrick Pons of the USA in March 2014. Yorkball is a sport that combines the elements of football and handball. 2 wickets stand at both ends of the field. A regulated field is 120 yards but it can be played on any size field from a basketball court to a football field. Great front yard or back yard sport to play.


2 teams of 8 play for six 10-minute periods.

Positions include:

1 Wicketkeeper
3 Quarterbacks
3 Halfbacks
1 Center

The game begins with an opening tip-off. Once posession is determined that team will then attempt to score in one of three different ways. They could throw towards the wicket for 1 point, they could kick towards the wicket for 3 points. A third way to earn points is to convert a penalty shot which is worth 2 points. There are only 5 yard lines on the pitch. There are 2 lines that are 10 yards behind the wicket. These are known as goal lines. There are then 2 yard lines that are 25 yards out from the wicket. These are known as quarter lines. There is then one line in the center which is 50 yards out from the wicket. Any ball that goes out of bounds is played in from the lines mentioned only. The playing field measures about 120 yards long. The ball must dribble with the hands every 2 steps during forward progress. Dribbling is not required when moving backwards or to the side. Foot play is never allowed and will result in a turnover. All kicks of the ball must have transcended from the hand to the foot. If a wicket is hit by a player and not the ball then either a penalty shot, if it was the defense who touched it or a turnover if the offense touches it. If the wicket is hit by the ball during an illegal touching of the wicket by a player then the shot will count if the defense was touching it. This shot is usually followed by a 2 point penalty shot, making it possible for a 5 point play. If the offense touches the wicket and a goal is still scored then a turnover occurs and the goal is nullified. A foul occurs when a player is tackled aggressively or if the ball is illegally kicked. A ball that is lying upon the ground must be chipped up towards the hands before a player can attempt any form of a shot. If a foul is flagrant enough the that player will be sent off for the following intervals at the referee's discretion. A game is forfeited if there are less then 4 players on the field. Even if the four players sent off are all yellow carded.

5 minutes - Yellow
1 period - Orange
Game - Red

If a game is still tied at the end of 6 periods then the first team to score either 1 kicked point, 2 thrown points or 1 penalty and 1 thrown point.


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