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Yoga Ball Hitt

The new sport of Yoga Ball Hitt was created by creators: Brock Eid, Analah Clelland and Jaiden Eid from Australia, in October 2015.

There is a person who throws the yoga ball in the air. There will be two people opposite each other. For the begining of the game the person throws the yoga ball and a person will hit it then you have to dribble it to your goal when you are at your goal you have to be a least 3 meters away from the goal and kick it but you can't touch it at all.

This is where the basketball hoops came - you will have to try throw the yoga ball on top of it. If you get it you get 5 points but no one can defend you from getting it in, but if you are kicking it into the goal the goal keeper will have the tee-ball bat and try to stop you. If you get it in, it is1 point. The first person to 40 points wins.


1. you can not touch the ball unless you are shooting in to the basket ball hoop
2. you can only dribble the ball to get to the goal
3. you must be at least 3 meters to kick
4. if you get discomfited you need at least 2 more people two take a place
5. you can only punch the ball to give it to a team mate
6. the goal keeper mast be on the other side from there teams area
7. you must have 4 people on the team not including the people that stay ut
8. have fun!

Equipment Required: 2 Tee-ball bats, cones, 2-4 basketball hoops, 1 yoga ball

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