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The sport of Whippse is based on a childhood game which kids in many developing nations have probably played. Helen Kiama from Kenya has tried to create rules for this and turn it into a sporting competition. It is a sport that suitable if you do not have access to modern toys.

Helen Kiama is 60yrs old. When growing up, she would look for wood to sharpen and make a Top, that is cone shaped. "We would get sisal string, tie then to the end of a straight stick and we would compete whipping the cone to see who can run farthest and come back to find the cone still spinning. Or count to see whose cone will spin longer, etc. zs". She remembers how much pleasure, and at the same time, looking back it is an enjoyable form of exercise for kids without even knowing it.

She has categorized it into many ways of playing:

  1. It can be played on ice and score....8 players etc
  2. It can be played on a basketball arena and score...8 players
  3. It can be played as a table game an score...2 players
  4. It can be played by multiple players racing each other to reach a certain point in the shortest time without the cone falling over/going off side etc.
  5. It can be played as a reality show by players all competing to master all the 4 variations of the same game.

There are too many rules to put here, but to name a few.:

Equipment Required: A well shaped Top. A Threaded Whip.  A smooth flat floor.

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