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Whamo Sport is a new sport created by Jordan Armstrong and Mason Krysinski from Metro Detroit, Michigan in 2004. This sport has been referred to as "Street Handball" or "Lacrosse without sticks", but we call it Whamo Sport. This game has been growing in the metro Detroit area over the years. Whamo Sport is taken very seriously by the players, but there is always an element of humor layered into the game.

Equipment Required: 7x9 nets, a ball, 4in diameter polyester ball with cotton filling, ropes for the shot lines.

Sport Description

Whamo Sport is played on a 35 yard field. The field is either a grass field or a dirt field. The game is played with 3 players on each team. On offense, a typical formation is a point player (which is usually your goalie) and 2 wing shooters. On defense, you have a goalie and 2 free roaming defenders. 

The objective of the game is to score 10 points. The first team to do so wins, but you must have a 2 point lead. So a score that is 9-10 would keep playing until someone goes up by 2 points.   

You score by throwing a 4in diameter ball into a 7ft tall x 9ft wide net. Your shot must be from 10 yards out for it to count, which is marked by a rope on the ground. If you shoot and score behind your own shot line (25 yards) it's worth 2 points. If your foot is touching or over the line while the ball is still in your hand, the shot will not count. So if you jump and shoot, it will not count if your feet are over the line. There is a way teams can score within the opposing team's 10 yard line, and that's a play referred to as a "Sleeping Bear". This is when a pass from beyond 10 yards is tipped, deflected, or swatted by an elevated offensive player into the net. The player tipping or spiking the ball into the net must have both feet off the ground for the goal to count. It's worth 1 point.

The player with the ball can only take 5 steps, then they must pass or shoot. If the ball touches the ground, it is a turnover and the team who dropped the ball can choose to leave it where it landed or to throw it back to the opposing goalie. If the ball hits a defender before it hits the ground, it is a fumble and any player can get that ball. Also if the ball hits off the net's post or crossbar it is a fumble. 

On defense, a defender can cause a turnover by grabbing onto the player with the ball. This is known as a "wrap". The ball carrier has 5 seconds to get rid of the ball once they are held onto by a defender. If they still have the ball after those 5 seconds, it is a turnover. The ball carrier has unlimited steps once grabbed that they can use to try and escape. Also the defender must be grabbing onto a body part, so grabbing clothing does not count as a wrap. There are many ways to classify a wrap since there are many ways to have control of a ball carrier's body part. A defender can tackle the ball carrier and pin them on he ground, bear hug the ball carrier, hold onto to the ball carrier's wrist, grab onto a leg, and much more. Just as long as a defender is holding ANY part of the ball carrier, the ref will begin the 5 second count. Tackling and big hits are legal in this game as long as they are on the ball carrier. Since it's 3 on 3 (2 defenders and a goalie vs 3 offensive players) going out of your way to tackle a ball carrier creates a very high risk of giving up a 2 on 1 fast break for the offensive team. So if you're going for a big hit, be sure it will lead to a turnover. Otherwise you're leaving your goalie out to dry. If the goalie makes a save and recovers the rebound, the goalie can't be wrapped. Once the goalie makes a pass after collecting the rebound or after the goalie has had the ball for 7 seconds, they are eligible to wrapped again.

There is no shot clock, but a referee can call a delay of game if an offense is taking too long to make something happen. With penalties, referee can issue a penalty they see fit based on the levels of a warning, specific player penalty shot, or any player penalty shot. A penalty shot is from 11 yards out and is just the shooter vs the goalie. A specific player penalty shot is where the offensive player involved in the incident causing the foul (Like if a player was tackled without having the ball) gets to shoot the penalty shot. Any player penalty shot is where the team gets to pick there best shooter to take the penalty shot. Some things that may lead to a penalty are off ball holding, tackling someone who isn't the ball carrier, goalie interference, targeting a ball carrier's player's head when giving a hit, taking out an elevated sleeping bear player from the legs, eye gouging, and more. 


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