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V Ball

V Ball is a new sport created by Gerry Matthews from New Jersey in May 2016. The aim of V Ball is to score 14 points in 2 of the 3 rounds before your opponent does by scoring a variation of ways with a football or a frisbee. The goal is a cube with the top open (4ft by 4ft by 4ft).


Their are two players against each other. At the start they stand in front of their goals.

When the whistle blows, each player runs up and attempts to get to the football at the half field line and tries to kick it up to the opponents goal.

From there you can (1) try to score with the football or (2) switch to the frisbee and try to score with that.


With the football:

You can throw the football to score. If you want to throw it you pick it up after kicking it where you wanted to, and you have 7 seconds to throw without moving from your spot (but you can pivot). Your opponent has to be about 3 yards away once you pick it up. Your opponent can try to intercept it, and if they do they can run the football until they are either tagged, which the football would go back into the middle and they would start as they had at the start of the game, or they score, which they start as they had started before (same applies for frisbee).

With the Frisbee:

If you want to score with the frisbee it is worth more points but it is risky.  To switch from the football to the frisbee you run to one of the to frisbee boxes, pick up the frisbee, and run with it until you want to try to score. If you are tagged while holding the frisbee you must put the frisbee back into the frisbee box then go after the football, while your opponent can immediately go after the football, and you would play by the rules with scoring for a football.



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