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Unifutsal is a new sport created by Martin Newell from London, England in 2009. Unifutsal is a special variation of non-contact indoor Football Football (called Futsal) and regular football. This is a Community sport to be used as a strong, productive way to promote Equality, Inclusion and Diversity.  Multiple programs and side projects will be made to educate, employ and entertain others.

Equipment Required: A Field, 2 x 'Bows (the sport's goal area) and a size 4 Futsal ball.


A match consists of 2 x 10 minute halves.  
Players are expected to have a full understanding of the rules and play fairly.  
When in play, the ball can be hit with any part of a player's body, except their hands or arms.  


1st half: 

2nd half: 



UNIFUTSAL is for everyone to play regardless of their gender, skill-set or background.  
This additional information shows the further depth of the sport






Once in the goal area, a player automatically becomes the allocated goalkeeper (or goalie) of their side.  


A referee stops the game and issues a yellow card as their 1st official warning to a player. Here are possible reasons why


Should an incident happen a 2nd time, caused by the same individual, then they will get this card and must leave the field. Here are additional reasons how

If a referee feels that a player has committed a serious enough foul then they can give a player a red card straight away which will automatically ejects them from the game. 

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