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Underwater Grappling

The new sport of Underwater Grappling was created by Ethan Zachary Walker and Jacob Reid Cooperman from the USA in July 2015. Two competitors of the same gender compete both under water and above water to get the other person to stay under the surface to a count of 7 seconds. When a competitor successfully causes the other competitor to stay underwater for seven seconds that is called a submission.


No hitting, scratching, or using the boundaries of the pool to your advantage. Also, no hitting or attempting to take of your opponent's goggles. If your opponents mouth rises above the surface of the water before the count of seven is over, you have to break the hold, if you continue to hold on to your opponent, you will be penalized.

All penalties listed on this list will result in the penalized opponent having to go into a dead man float (floating chest down in the water). There will three rounds with a time limit of five minutes for each.

Each time a competitor successfully causes the other competitor to stay underwater for 7 seconds, that competitor gains a point (submission). The competitor with the most amount of points by the end of three rounds wins. If both competitors have the same amount of points by the end of the three rounds, it is a tie. There will be a five minute intermission between each round.

equipment required: swimming pool, swimming goggles, timer.

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