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Ultra-Grav Ball (a new sport)

The new sport of Ultra-Grav Ball was created by Calvin Laskey of Katy, TX USA in 2021. The sport is a cross of lacrosse and rugby played in a microgravity arena.

Our goal with Ultra-Grav ball is to make the first commercial Space Sport that will increase focus and spending on interplanetary ventures such as our moon and mars missions as well as improvements to our international space station. This is a sport that can start off as an exclusive pass-time for visitors to the International Space Station or moon base and become one of the universe's most loved sports recognized by the whole world and enjoyed around all of the cosmos. This sport even has the potential to grow prosperous and friendly relations with life from other planets and it all starts here. 

Equipment Required: Lacrosse Stick, Helmet and body paddin(Lacrosse like body pads)

Sport Description

Here are the guidelines, rules and regulations of Ultra-Grav Ball:

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