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Ultimate Pool or Ultimate Billiards

Ultimate Pool is a new sport created by Chester McCleffins from United States of America in March 2017. Ultimate Pool or Ultimate Billiards is a game that is sort of like a cross between Pool (Billiards), and Curling, though hopefully more entertaining than both. Two players go against each other, Solids vs. Stripes. Ultimate Pool (Billiards) is where the goal is to not knock the cue or eight ball into the corner pockets, while keeping your balls in scoring position and knocking opponents balls out.

Equipment Required: Pool/Billiards Cue , Complete set of Pool/Billiards balls, Pool/Billiards table,
Two people.

Sport Description 

Balls are organized on long side of table in the order of Purple, Green, Red, Blue, Maroon, Yellow, Orange. Purple is your, "Blocker," or your no count. It's primary goal is making it harder to put balls into scoring position. Your second ball, the, "Starter," is the Green 6 or 14, and is the first ball that counts toward your overall score. The, "Secondary"(red), "Tertiary"(blue), "Quaternary"(Maroon), and, "Quinary"(Yellow) All make up the rest of the scoring department. Finally the, "Cleaner"(Orange) is your last chance to knock in more of your opponents balls. 

RULES (more details on website) 

  1. Balls must be set up in order of Purple, Green, Red, Blue, Maroon, Yellow, Orange. 
  2. Pool Cue must be used. 
  3. White ball is always on left side of table. 
  4. If a ball ricochets back past the orange balls lined up, it is a "misfire" and you get one more try. If it still ricochets after that, the ball gets removed from play. 
  5. If a tie is present, move scoring line to 1st row of dots. If still present after that, whoever has most balls touching or close to back wall wins. 
  6. Have fun and don't take rules too seriously unless playing competitively.


  1. Please form your own Ultimate Pool Associations if you can, and receive more info and contact information about that at my website. 
  2. Just remember that unless you are playing this competitively, you can bend rules e.g. shooting in an easier to remember order. 
  3. As a relatively new sport, I haven't yet applied for a copyright or patent, so for now, the best I can do is just say please don't take this idea and make it your own.

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