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Triple-Net Volleyball

Triple-Net Volleyball is a new sport created by Keiran in 2015. It is essentially a new form of volleyball.

Equipment Required: A volleyball net and two soccer nets, volleyball, court


While the same rules in ordinary volleyball apply, there are now soccer nets at the back of the court on either side.

A goalie on each team is placed in front of the net. The goalie has the typical job of a goaltender: he/she must stop all balls aimed for the net. It is also the goalie's job to serve in this game.

An offender is also placed on either side of the net in order to increase the amount of goals scored. For example, if the red team is facing the blue team, one member from the red team is placed on the blue team's side and vice-versa.

While an offender is obviously trying to shoot it past the goalie, he is also allowed simply spiking it onto the ground for a point. Of course, ordinary players on their own side of the net are also permitted to shoot at the net, or attempt score a point the ordinary way.

A normal point (when the ball hits the ground of one of the two teams' side of the court,) the opposing team is awarded one point. When the ball is hit into one team's net, the opposing team is awarded three points.

Regarding points, the same rules that apply to ordinary volleyball also apply to this sport. 21 points, first to three sets etc.

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