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A new sport called Touccer (pronounced Tewker) was created by Nate Lung of Minneapolis, Minnesota in July 2013. Touccer is a relatively simple game that requires little coordination to play for fun. It partially draws ideas from soccer and volleyball. In this sport two teams of players compete to spike a ball into a scoring zone on the opposite side of the field.

Equipment Required


The field is turf, 24 yards long x 15 yards wide, and surrounded by walls and a high ceiling. Inside the field of play on each end, there is a 3x3 yard scoring zone marked on the ground. Each zone is 6 yards from either sideline and one side of each zone makes up one-fifth of each endline.

start positions


The game is played by two teams of five players each and a ball about the size of a regulation football/soccer ball, but made of soft plastic (usually you can find these balls in various stores for like a dollar). Teams switch sides between two 15 minutes halves.


During play, any player may advance the ball with ANY part of his body. This sounds easy, but each player can only touch the ball once before someone else must touch it. So two players just hitting or kicking the ball back and forth to each other is legal as long as they only touch it once at a time. The ball may not be carried. A point is scored when one team hits the ball onto the ground in the other teams scoring zone. While the ball can be advanced with any part of the body, a point can only be scored with any part of your arm or hand below the elbow(elbow NOT included). Any number of players may stand in the scoring zone to defend. No players may enter the scoring zone that they are trying to score in.

attack positions


The rules of physical contact are similar to soccer. You may make contact with an opposing player, but anything excessive (i.e.- tripping, shoving, tackling, spitting, etc.) is a violation. A point scored with any part of the body not a part of the arm below the elbow is a violation. Touching a ball twice in a row is a violation. Any violation results in an restart by the opposing team using an underhand volleyball style serve from the spot of violation.


Modifying the game to accommodate resources is fine. All you need is a ball, any number of people, and a way to mark the scoring zones. There doesn't even need to be boundaries.

If you have any questions on the sport, please comment below, thanks!

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