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Tin Can Cricket (a new sport)

Tin Can Cricket is a new sport created by Steve Baker from Oshawa Ontario Canada in January 2022. Tin Can Cricket is like cricket with a twist.

equipment required:  6 tin cans 2 paddles 2 home bases whiffle ball

Sport Summary

Teams of 2,3 or 4 players take turn by playing defence or offensive position. If you are on the offence your job is to throw the whiffle ball at the cans at the opposite end and try to knock them down. If the defensive team hits the whiffle ball you must retrieve it or your partner and try knock the cans down before the defensive players (both) place their paddle in the safe base.

But if the whiffle ball is caught in the air by the offence player defensive player is out.

It’s up to the defensive players to run from safe base to safe base to score runs 1 cycle 1 run or more at any time the offensive catches whiffle ball or knocks down the cans before you're both safe you’re out and teams switch positions.

When using 3 or 4 players those players become roving fielders.

Sport Rules


To protect the cans with paddle, no body parts can block the cans


To throw a whiffle ball at a set of 3 cans (stacked in a pyramid) and (protected by defence) and knock them over 

note: there are no rules regarding set-up distance of the cans. Distance between cans should be based on the skill level of players.

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