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Throw Goal

The new sport of Throw Goal was submitted by anonymous in North America. Created in 2015. The aim of the game is the score more goals than your opponent. You advance the ball up the field by kicking it or throwing it. You can score a goal by kicking it into the net, or throwing it.


Their are 16 players on the field per team, including one goalkeeper, 5 frontmen, 5 midmen, and 5 backmen. The ball is a standard American football, the goal is a standard association football goal.

The game starts with a tip off, when the referee throws the ball up in the center circle. The midmen line up around the circle, and when the ref throws the ball only the midmen are eligible to tip the ball. Whoever recovers the ball can throw to his teammates or kick it to them.

When the team with ball thinks they can score a goal, they can kick it into the net, or throw, as long as the they are not in the forbidden zone, which is an area around the net. This area is in front of the net, and extends 20 feet.

When a player is tackled they must release the ball, as long as the player is tackled legally. A legal tackle is when a defender tackles the player by wrapping their arms around the ball carrier under the shoulder and is PULLED to the ground. If their is an illegal tackle, the tackled player may throw the ball at the net for a goal.

If the ball goes out of bounds the player who last touched it may go to the spot of the place where the ball went out of bounds, and throw the ball to a teammate.

An offside is when a either their are no frontmen in front of a midmen. Or when their are no midmen in front of a backmen. If a goalkeeper blocks a shot and does not catch it, only the goalkeeper may pick it up.

equipment required: Football net, American football ball.

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