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The new sport of Thrillball was created by Benjamin H Guillory from Ville Platte, Louisiana USA in December, 2014. Thrillball is a sport played on a 100 yard football field. Where the touchdowns are on the field are called the Hot Zone in Thrillball. The first 30 yards on each end are called the Cold Zone. From 30 through center field to the next 30 is called the O Zone. On the top of both field goals is an plastic tube pipe that makes the field goal square.

With a leather made ball the size of a tennis ball, the objective is to score in the Hot Zone. Once player scores it's continued play, Player has 10 seconds to throw ball from that hot zone to a player outside of it to make a goal point, which the player outside that makes the catch must throw the ball through the goalĀ  on the other end from any distance on the field.


Hot Zone score is worth 5 points. "Continued play" occurs every Hot Zone score. Player that scores in the Hot Zone must not pass that sides Cold Zone. The scoring player which now is the "Thrill Guard " has 10 seconds to throw ball out of that Hot Zone to one of the 9 receivers to score a Goal point on the opposite side of the field. More than 10 seconds a defender can cross the Hot Zone line to 2 hand touch him before he throws or tries to run and throw in a goal point from that distance. If the Thrill Guard breaks out of Hot Zone before 10 seconds, a defender can 2 hand touch him or her.thrillball

A Goal point is worth 3 points if thrown from behind the O Zone. If the Thrill Guard throws from the Hot Zone or Cold Zone to a receiver in the Hot or Cold on the other end and completes catch, it is called "Freeplay" which the receiver can not be touched for the goal point. When receiver scores on Freeplay, Goal point is worth 5 points. In freeplay player can score however close to the Goal he or she prefers.

Thrill guard can't throw it to receiver from within the O Zone, he must try and throw in a goal for 3 points or run from Hot Zone to other Hot Zone for 5 points.

If defender steals a pass within the offenses Hot Zone, the team on defense scores 3 points. After that defense will have the ball for a "Free goal".

A Free goal occurs when defense steals a pass in offenses Hot Zone or when a defender intentionally fouls an player on offense. One player is chosen for a free goal. Player must throw in a goal point from behind mid field. On defense Free goals are worth 5 points. On offense goal points are worth 3 points.

Starting off the game, the home team must select a player to throw in a Free goal from behind mid field. If home team makes it, they start off with ball, if not the other team gets a chance at the free goal.

Throw off is now here, defensive thrower must throw ball from within that sides Cold Zone to the other end to the team on offense. Once offense has ball they could pass the ball however many times until score.

Drop balls are turnovers. Steals are turnovers . Wherever ball hits the ground on a drop ball on offense, defense takes ball out of bounds and a player throws it in somewhat like soccer.


Catching gloves for both hands, football shoes, a leather ball the size of a tennis ball, shirt and shorts. Knee pads or other pads are allowed if needed. Plastic tube pipe that connects to top of field goal which makes it a square target for Thrillball.

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