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The new sport of Threes was created by Curtis James from St. Croix US Virgin Islands in February 2016. In the game of Threes, two teams with two players alternate between shooting 3 point shots and rebounding competing to score a designated number of points.

equipment required: Two basketballs, modified basketball court or regular basketball court. Basketball clothing and shoes


Two teams with two players shoot three pointers on a basketball court. Two rounds out of three wins the game. Round one begins at the high school three point line. One player takes their place anywhere at the highschool 3point line while the other teammate goes to the paint between the rim and the backboard with the ball. The other  team's player finds another spot on the same 3point line and his/her teammate goes to the paint with another ball on the opposite side.

When the round begins the players at the rim before being able to pass the ball out to the three point line must complete a simple  backboard  lay up (if missed repeat lay up until made). After the layup the player passes to his teammate  at the 3point line. Both shooters attempt to make a shot. The second team player becomes the rebounder and returns missed shots to his teammate.

A made shot rotates the players and the shooter now becomes the rebounder adding one point to the scoring team. The first to reach an agreed number of points wins the round.

Round two rules are the same except the players shoot from the college ranged 3point line. Round three is at the professional range and is a timed round. Two out of three rounds wins the game.

The three point lines will be in three separate colors to avoid confusion. The court is a modified basketball  half court with three separate three point lines at the three familiar 3point ranges. One Extra player is on the team and can enter as a substitute at the beginning of each round. The ball is out of bounds only if it bounces over the first row of people in the audience or crosses half court (if there is no audience/bleachers on any sideline or baseline then the ball would still be in play if it goes pass the respective sideline or baseline).

This game can also be played on a regular court as a one round game or two out of three using a single 3point line. One referee keeps an eye on the lines to ensure the player didn't step on it(a team color card waved by the ref waves off a made 3 if a player stepped on the line). The ref also makes sure all other game rules are followed.

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