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The new sport of Tembi was created by DiabyGassama from France in December 2016. The game is played between two teams. Each team tries to reach the opposing column while seeking to protect its own column. Once in the opposing column players responsible (among others) to do the "destroyers" hit the column. The column records the impact of the blow and with the intensity of it grants a number of points to the team. A match lasts 30 minutes * 2.

Equipment Required:

Description of Tembi-Junku

The game is played on a rectangular field with rounded corners surrounded by a racetrack overlooking it.

The field has a projectable interface on the surface of the ground taking into account the ergonomics of "tracers", players dress shoes connected to the interface that show on the field footsteps' tracers in the form of lines that we call "drag" distinction by reasons). As for the track it consists of a broad range for two people can stick side by side. As explained above it forms a ring around and overlooking the field. At each side of the track is the "trackers" a sort of mechanical hare having the function of tracking the players on the track.

At each end of the field is a column. A few meters from these columns there is a half circle whose center is the column. The area from these half circles (called dividing lines) to the other column is named the hitting area.

The field is divided in two by a median line the ends of which is (near the ground) an area called waiting area.

Each team has 6 players on the field and a player on the racetrack. A team can also count replacements. There are 3 categories of distinct post Team: Destroyers, tracers and architects.

Destroyers (between 2 and 3 players): They are the only players allowed to hit the opposing column. They are also the only players to be able to come into physical contact with the other players on the field. Therefore they can shake, see reverse block opponents (knowing that if a tracer is knocked to the ground it drag far becomes invalid and can therefore be crossed by opposing players. Also spilled tracer must join the waiting area and remain there for 10 seconds before it could continue the game. About the adverse destroyer, the fact of the overthrow obliges to return to the waiting area for varying periods. As for opposing architect being back on the field the fact to overthrow the return on the racetrack he had taken the characteristics of a destroyer or not).

Tracers (3 to 4 players): As said earlier they have smartshoes that allows their races to be marked by a drag following their passages. Players of a team shall not exceed the drag traced by opposing tracers. Otherwise, they are signaled offside and sent in the waiting area for varying periods. If tracers able to surround with their drag a tracer opponent then it is sent in the waiting area for a variable duration and his drag become invalid
If tracers surround an enemy destroyer, the enemy destroyer is forbidden to touch the opposing players for varying duration. A drag lasts 6 seconds in normal time and allies as enemy drags are susceptible to cross

Architects: The most important player in the game. They have a role "offside" being on a racetrack circling the field. 2 architects are run in an opposite direction from one another (one in the direction of clockwise and the other in the opposite direction of the clockwise).

Architects run with a tracker in pursuit. By sacrificing parts of the distance between them with these trackers, architects can influence the party taking place on the ground. They hold the power (depending on the distance they sacrifice to do so) to:

This is also when the architect reached the starting line (situated behind the waiting area) in his race destroyers and tracers locked in the waiting zone can return to the game.

Whenever the two architects intersect, the architect who traveled the least distance see his tracker continue with increased speed. each failed cross the architect sees his tracker take increased speed.

Supplements for clarity:

-When Destroyer strikes the opposing column are prohibited teammate of it touching the column until you see the impact score and recovery of the game. If a destroyer teammate touches the opposing column between the impact and the resumption of game points scored are canceled

-When Destroyer strikes the opposing column are forbidden to touch their opponent column to display the impact on pain of penalty-card output (warning or exclusion)

-It Is forbidden to tracers to board a drag that has not erased

-The Term drag to 2 meaning: It refers to the line forming between the tracer's footsteps and  of limited duration to 6 seconds on most of the ground and 2 seconds in the hitting area. The term also refers to the Trooping of all the drags of a tracer and even becomes disabled if the tracker in question is spilled or surrounded.

-The drags have a duration of 2 seconds in the hitting area, the separating line represents the input. Also after 20 seconds in the hitting area a tracer can not trace more drags in the hitting area

-The Destroyer has for destabilizing weapon that these hands, these arms and shoulders. The kicks are prohibited.

-A Player is considered reversed when part of his body other than his feet and one hand come into contact with the ground

-It Is prohibited destroyers to plate or capture an opponent from behind. The opposing player can not be plated or seized only from the front or on the sides. The contact zone of a destroyer with another player is limited between the top of the shoulders and lower thighs. Prohibition to enter the crotch and the arms of an opponent

-A Destroyer must be open hand (palm not or a little covered by fingers) when he destabilizes opponents with his hand (hit with the edge of the hand forbidden)

-The Destroyer can touch the underside of an opposing player pool only from the perspective of a tackle or reversal

-When The tracker reaches the architect, this last can not run as its destroyers teammates have not reached the hitting area. If during this period the opposing architect manages to reach the location of his rival on the racetrack the column of his team becomes invulnerable (i.e. not recording impacts) until the architect joins its starting line and all opposing drags are invalid during 6 seconds. After that the tracker back to its original speed. Similarly if the architect's destroyers teammates reach the hitting area before the opposing architect reaches their teammate.

-When Team managed to reach the opponent's column, players from each team back to their respective hitting area to resume the game.

-The Players enter the field through the waiting area. Similarly when a player is ruled offside he must return to the waiting area of his team before returning to the field. The time in the waiting area depends on the reason for the bench:

-A Tracer overthrown by a destroyer opponent remains in the waiting area for 10 seconds before re-entering the game. It can get out earlier if the architect reached the finish line before the end of the countdown.

-A Destroyer hit by an enemy destroyer is still in the waiting area until his architect teammate reaches its finish line

-A Tracer surrounded by opposing tracer remain in the waiting area until his architect teammate reaches its finish line

-A Destroyer surrounded by opposing tracers can not come into contact with the opponent before the opponent architect reaches its finish line twice

-A Player who crossed an opponent's drag without reason remains in the waiting area until his architect teammate reaches its finish line three times.

-Also All the long-term effects that the active architect vanishes once it reaches his starting line

-The architects uses its capabilities via a smartwatch (or a smartphone application) allowing it to opt for one of these capacities. When this is done on a video screen audio Announces Decision.

-The Shoes plotters, the field and watch the architect are interconnected otherwise the game is impossible to play.


The referee has available 3 penalty-cards to judge incidents occurring on the ground.

In Case of faults, the referee may also decide to stop the victim tracker team for up range from 3 to 6 seconds. It can also drive the player who committed the foul line behind his separation line. If the fault occurs within the hitting area the player who committed the foul is excluded and the action resumes with each player about the same place at the time of the fault. The possible replacement to take place after action

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