The new sport of Tapsketball was created by Jibreel Uddin and Winston Lill from Maryland USA in the Summer of 2016. It is a combination of Soccer, Basketball, and American Football, where two teams try to throw a tennis ball into a small goal.

Equipment Required: Tennis Ball, Small Goals, 2 Teams, Gloves (optional), 4 different colors (2 different colors for teams, and 2 different colors for goalkeepers)

Sport Description

Two teams of 11 (10 field players, 1 goalie) try to throw a tennis ball into a small goal. However, the players can't hold the ball while running. The must bounce the ball in their hands to run with the ball.

The only time a field player is allowed to hold the ball is when it is being put back into play or the player is standing still either to pass or shoot.

A goalkeeper may move while holding the ball in his/her own arc. Outside the arc, the goalkeeper must bounce the ball in his/her hands.

If the ball falls to the ground, both teams may attempt to gain possession. Contact wise, most of the soccer rules apply.

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