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The new sport of Tabball was created by Micah Greenberg in June 2013. The game is essentially a combination between volleyball and handball. This originally was called Thin Air Battle. That became abbreviated as tab, making the sport Tabball.

This is a team sport played on a wooden or concrete court 150 by 80 feet. Each team has eight players plus a goalie. The ball is a very bouncy ball which is about the size of a volleyball but has nothing inside.

The game lasts 40 minutes and has 4, 10 minute long quarters. At the start of each one, the referee throws the ball high into the air, and whoever first gets full possession of the ball gets to keep it. From there, The person who caught it must stay put and pass it to a teammate. The teammate cannot catch it, rather volley it into the air. Any player can volley it into the air as many times as they want, as long as they don't catch it.

Any player can shoot the ball towards the net, and if it passes the goal line, then a goal is awarded. If a player catches a pass by their teammate, then they must shoot. Any normal goal is worth 3 points. If it is a goal after the shooter caught it, then it is worth 2 points. If it is a goal from behind the big shot line, then it is worth 4 points. Penalties work similarly to in hockey. If somebody gets a penalty, then the team plays shorthanded. The team with the most points at the end of 40 minutes wins.

Equipment Required

  1. A hollow ball which is bouncy and is the size of a volleyball.
  2. Two nets each 10 feet wide and 6 feet high.
  3. A wood or concrete court 150 feet by 80 feet.

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