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T1soccer (Skills based soccer) is a new sport created by Tebandeke Ronald from Uganda, East Africa in November 2010. T1soccer or Skills-based soccer is a new interesting game design of soccer designed for mainly skilled players. T1soccer is a new evolutionary soccer game version which was  mainly created for skilled soccer players to meet pleasures of expressing their skills on the ball. It was designed to create more skills value in the game and redefine skills. T1stands for "Twenty 1st century".


The game is played on a small artificial turf pitch of overall dimensions (20x12) meters, with six players for each team (6v6) and two kinds of goals scored (Common goals & Golden goals). The goals are small in size with dimensions (0.5meters high and 0.4 meters wide). The game introduces a new style of playing the ball called the 'Roteban style of play,'  that involves making swift and soft touches on the ball other than using kicks to move it. The style improves players'  unpredictability, ball protection skills, ball control skills, speed, timing & accuracy on ball and their consistency when playing on the pitch. It also involves playing on an electric pace with very low pause intervals, and there are no horrific injuries according to the standard flow of the game. The game involves moving the ball above the ground in order to score Golden goals (High profile goals).

The game was mainly created for talented skilled soccer players to improve their skills creation capabilities and meet pleasures of expressing their created skills in the T1soccer game. It ensures maximum entertainment & effective competition in sanctioned games.

Rules of playing the game

Immediately after the kick off, pass the ball with your team mates and score it into the opponent's goal. Players may use any part of their bodies to move the ball except the arm and hands. A goal scored is only considered if no player of the scoring team is tracked in his defender's yard (Defender Offside) and for this case; a goal kick is given to a scored team for a wrong goal, yet if a correct goal is scored, a scored team begins with the ball in the centre. A game winner is a team which comes out with the most number of goals and is awarded with three points, a game drawer (with the same number of goals) is awarded with a single point whereas a game looser (with the least number of goals) earns no point. The official scores of a preceding
game should be displayed on a score board during the contest.



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