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Sword Strength Arena

The new sport of Sword Strength Arena (S.S.A.) was created by The Lazarite Crusaders Malta Charity Group in May 2018. The Sport is a sub genre of the HEMA martial art which by it self is a sub-genre of Olympic Fencing. It incorporates Strength, the Sword Technique and the team work inside the Arena. 

This Game Sport was made up once upon a time during a charity event in Malta, the hype that the general public created urged a bunch or Re-actors to involve themselves in sports and fitness. 

Sport Description

The Sword Strength Arena has 3 different games in each round.


  1. Players using their Sword techniques Skills will try to Score points by hitting their Opponent
  2. Second phase, Race to the finish line but evading archers shooting foam arrows at them  
  3. Last phase, 5 against 5 match survivor of the fittest, the last remaining team member will win.


Nobody is a loser in this Competitions, this game was made up to inspire team work.  

All competitions will take home a trophy with the deserved title on the plaque and a certificate with their points written down.

Equipment Required:

Light Division:  
1) Chest Protection (both men and women)  
2) Airsoft Net Helmet  
3) Elbow and Knee Pads  
4) shin guards  
5) Double padded Gloves  
6) Plastic/ Foam Swords/ foam Arrows  

Heavy Division:  
1) Medieval Helmet  
2) Double padded Gloves  
3) Hard Chest Protection (both men and women)  
4) groin protection (men)  
5) Steel Shin guards  
6) Steel Elbow guards  
7) battle ready verified Swords

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