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Switch is a new sport created by Danny Hibbert from London, UK. This sport is a mix of 5 sports, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Netball and Handball. The pitch is in 3 equal sections. The middle section is for FOOTBALL only. With the 2 end scoring SWITCH-ZONES at either end, you can only use your hands to score. Using moves and elements of the 4 other sports whilst in the Scoring Switch Zone.

Equipment Required: You need 2 small goals, a junior sized volleyball. We have designed our own SWITCH GOAL, with 3 scoring zones within the goal. Which allows players to score 1, 2 or 3 points. We have had a PROTOTYPE made, and are about to partner with IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON, who will help with a new designs.This project will start in JANUARY 2020.

Sport Description

Players can be male & female on same team, with 5 or 7 a side teams. Points can only be scored with your hands in the 2 scoring Switch Zones, either by throwing it in with a handball technique, for 1 point. Or a Volleyball Spike techniques to score 2. You are only allowed 7 seconds in possession of the ball as an individual in scoring Switch Zone.

There are also areas in front of goals, which only allows 2 players from each team in, if 1 team player from either team enters area, this is a OVERLOAD. Which results in a FREE THROW PENALTY or FREE THROW. Whilst in the FOOTBALL middle ZONE, FA RULES apply.


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