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Stupid Robot Fighting

The new sport of Stupid Robot Fighting was created by John Espin of New Zealand in January 2017. Stupid Robot Fighting League is an ultra low-tech robot fighting league. It's so low tech that the robots are basically humanoid shaped hanging sculptures. They are held together with wire and are controlled by poles attached to the hands and feet of the robot.

Equipment Required: Octagon frame, 2 robots, 4 foot poles, 4 hand poles, 2 lab coats, 2 safety glasses, 2 stools, timer.

Sport Description

The robots are suspended in an octagon frame with a central track that allows both robots to freely roll back and forth.

The robot operator holds onto the hand poles and pushes and pulls to operate the hands. The same thing happens with the foot poles except that shoes are screwed to the foot poles.

So two people push and pull to kick and punch the other person's robot.

Stupid Robot Fighting Stupid Robot Fighting in action (also see the video)

Sport Rules

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