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Stick Ball

Stick Ball is a new sport created by Masoud Khayatian Fard from Iran in 2017.

The game of Stick Ball requires the following: 

1- The field required is 10m and 20cm 
2- 22 balls (preferably billiard balls) 
3- 10 balls in red colour and 10 balls in yellow colour and 2 balls white colour 
4- 2 sticks, preferably golf stick or hockey stick   
5- the field will be divided to two 5 meters and 20cm in middle and four goals in the four corners.  

Sport Description

First Set of game 

1- the game has 3 set and each set is 15mins 
2- each player has 10 balls and one hit ball 
3- the players will fix the balls in the middle field and with the hit ball they will send the 10 balls in the opponent field. 
4- in the first set, the players are not allowed to go to the opponent field. 
5- the player can fix the hit ball in any place of his own field and shoot. 
6- the players can score in the two corner goals of the opponent field in the first set. 
7- each player has his own hit ball 

(the first set of game is called HOME SET - because they have no right to go to each other's field)  

The second set of game  

1- each player has right to shoot two times the first time the player will hit the opponent ball which is in his field to make the game harder for the opponent but it should not be scored.if scored, he will loose the second shot. The second time, the player can hit his own balls which is in the opponent field. 

(This set is called DESTROY SET - because in this set, the player will destroy the opponent balls) 

The other rules are same as the first set. 

The Third Set of the game 

1- in this set the 20 balls will be reduced to 16 balls. All the 16 balls will be fixed together. The winner of the previous set will start the game. 
2- the players in this set are allowed to go to each other's field and they can score in all of the 4 goals. 
3- in this set, only 1 hit ball will be used by the players and cannot change the position of the hit ball from the place it stopped at. 
4- the choice of the ball color will depend on the first scored ball. 

(this set is called SCORE SET - because you can score in four goals) 

Other Instructions:  

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