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The Stair Game

The new sport of The Stair Game was created by Nassib Hammoud from Dearborn Michigan USA. The sport revolves around baseball. Its a pretty simple and very fun game and all that is needed is a tennis ball and the setting of stairs and sidewalk.

Equipment Required: Tennis ball, Stairs

All you need is a tennis ball, 2 players and a set of stairs with 2-4 steps. The rules are pretty much the same as for except all you need is a tennis ball and the setting of stairs and sidewalks leading to a street directly behind the sidewalk.

Each sidewalk square represents either 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base and boundary sidewalks for fouls and the street is a home run. You pick and choose which side walk squares represent what as in a closer side walk square would represent 1st base the one after would be 2nd base and the furthest one closer to the street would be 3rd base and the street being a home run! One player is in the outfield and the other is chucking the tennis ball at the stairs and gets 3 outs.

It takes skill because if your accurate at hitting the right part of the stair it could be a home run. The player in the outfield has to catch a ball only from the air for an out similar to baseball.

Again similar to baseball the tennis ball can hit a certain sidewalk for a 1st 2nd or 3rd base and the street for a homerun and the outfield player cannot step into the street but can leap to rob a home run and land in the street after he has caught it mid air.

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