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Sparta Ball - a new sport

Sparta Ball is a new sport created by Yberlon from Brazil (but living in the USA) in December 2020. The aim of sparta ball is to score more points than the other team.

Equipment Required: Shirts of any color patterns maximum 5 colors or just one color. Soccer socks and cleats and shorts it is a summer sport but if you play it in the winter you can have sleeves but only under your shirt and has to match the jersey or shorts and socks if it has patterns it has to at least have one of those colors and nothing that can stab or hurt you.

Sport Description

The game has 4 positions: the playmaker, strikers, receivers and guards. The game starts with the guards in the middle and the receivers in front of them in front of the playmaker that is. On the beginning of the field are the striker who protect the other team from tackling the playmaker. Keep in mind there is a defensive team and an attacking team.

If the other team finds a way to squeeze through and touch the playmaker, their team gets a point. You can touch them with any body part except private parts, mouth or tongue or nose you can't kick or punch people. In the game you can only tackle or slide tackle them.

There are 5 strikers and 1 playmaker 3 guards and 2 receivers on the field. The maximum players in the whole squad is 50 and the minimum is 14.

If you violate the physical rules you will receive a yellow card. If you get 3 yellow cards the ref has to give you a red. If what the player did was too extreme the ref can give an automatic red.

There is a limit of 5 substitutions and players that came out by subbing cannot come back. After 5 subs if a player is injured there still cannot be any subs and they will have to play with what they got.

The point is to get the ball to the end of the field - that equals 2 points. You can pass how many times you want. If you drop the ball the other team can grab and score also. The playmaker can either through to the receivers or guards but not the strikers, or he can run with it all the way or kick it. A teammate can catch it if they want or they can let it hit the end of the field. If the ball is on the ground any player from both teams can kick it the opposition's end line - it makes oneĀ  point.

If you have the ball and leave the pitch it's off sides and the opposition chooses one player to try to score as the other team makes a wall with their arms on other teammates shoulders they can have players behind them with a maximum of 5.

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