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Soft Touch

The new sport of Soft Touch was created by Will and Jack Richardson from Stroud, UK in Summer 2017. Soft Touch is One-on-one football in a caged playpark arena using a Soft Touch football.

Equipment Required: Soft Touch football. This is a crucial part of Soft Touch. Soft Touch footballs are size 3 or 4 volley balls. An ideal soft touch will be heavy enough to be able to control and kick with a lot of power, but light enough to allow ridiculous swing with almost every shot. Pump up to 90% psi.


Playing arena: Any standard sized, caged, hard-surfaced, generic playing arena may be used. The sort that have basketball nets, some netball lines and football goals and are found in children's play areas. Soft Touch is more fun if the playing arena is nearby a wood, steep bank, field with angry farm animals etc (see special rule #2, below).

Basic Rules: One player per team. First to 10 goals. Hands can only be used inside penalty area. Players cannot step outside of their half of the playing arena when the Soft Touch is in play, except when they catch the ball (see below).

Special Rules:

  1. 1Handball = 'penalty' for the opposing player. This can be either a) a shot from the centre spot with a goalkeeper or b) a shot from the attacking players penalty spot with no goalkeeper.
  2. Kicking the ball outside of the playing arena = minus one goal. Infringing player collects ball, as quickly as possible. Swap ends.
  3. Catch the ball (in the penalty area only) = one-on-one situation where the attacker can use all of the playing arena except the opponents penalty area. Play continues until a goal is scored, by either player.

The Basic Rules should not be changed. The 3 special rule infringements should not be changed. However the penalties for each infringement can be adapted to fit each set of players and their playing arena. New special rules may be added.

Special Moves

Soft Touch move #1: The Lob. Your opponent is in no-man's land after a failed shot from the half-way line. the opportunity to gracefully chip, dink, or otherwise caress the Soft Touch over their head into the goal.

Soft Touch move #2: Off the Wall. Your opponent is in between the posts. Kicking the Soft Touch hard against the wall to one side of their goal, you're ready to receive the Soft Touch bouncing back to you and use the momentum to lash a fearsomely powerful shot past them into the net.

Soft Touch move #3: The Curler. Your opponent is on the edge of their penalty area. Sensing vulnerability, you shift your balance and wrap your preferred foot around the Soft Touch, lifting and curling it around them and delightfully into the goal.

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