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The new sport of Smarto (or Drive Basketball) was created by Jonathan and George Ulunta, from Umuahia Abia State in Nigeria, in March 2014.

Equipment Required: Object  of play Handball-sized ball, Four baskets.

SMARTO Game is a sporting indoor game for children. The game is  designed to have little or no injury, as children are involved. It is game derived from the drills of Basketball and Rugby, that is it has basketball like pattern of play. Smarto is a non-contact game, and is being played in a  tennis size court. The game is played by 4 or 6 kids of 8-13 years, 2 or 3 on each side, with 3 substitute players. It has four goal baskets, hanged about 4 or 5 feet, two in each side. During a game substitution goes on  depending on team's choice, but a player must be out before another goes in, and that player has a right of further sub. The duration of the game is 60 minutes divided into four quarters, as follows 1stq -- 20min, 2ndq--- 10min, 3rdq---20min and 4thq 10min.


  1. This areas is the only area contact is allowed. Once a played is allowed by the opponent to drive across the Free Contact Line into the yard, contact rule becomes unnecessary.
  2. Any player that breaks into the FCY should get the ball into the basket within 5 seconds.
  3. The scoring campaign ends if the opponents strongly  resist the move in 5 seconds.
  4. Any  ball that goes out the court at the back of the basket, are not counted against the defending team, even if the ball touches them last. If such happens, the next action will be a service for game resumption by the team.


  1. A match should commence from the Centre.
  2. The central court area is the main area where non-contact rules fully applies. Every player must avoid being contacted while with the ball.
  3. If contacted the player should release or drop the ball immediately following the sound of the whistle.
  4. The ball should be served from the spot . Also the same when a fowl is committed.
  5. When a contact or a fowl is committed across the Centre Line, there should be a 2 steps backward from the spot, to mark  or  assign  a new service spot.
  6. The ball could be bounced during play.


  1. The four  goal baskets should be hanged in a constructed  stand 4 or 5 feet  high.
  2. After conceding a goal, a resumption service should be served from beside the goal basket.


  1. If the ball goes out of the court, the ball should be served also from out side of the spot and the receiver can receive in the service in any area except in inside the Free Contact Yard of the opponents.
  2. When the ball goes out of the  court, from inside the Free Contact Yard area against the defending team, the ball out service, when the serviced  is done, it should be received in out side the  Free Contact Yard.


  1. If a foul is committed inside the Free contact yard by the defending team, the attacking team will render a penalty service. The server will stand few yards away from the defenders, outside  the free contact yard. Once the referee bows the whistle, the server should  run to score, then the defenders behind him, can chase  him to stop him, with at lease a contact.
  2. If  a player is given a suspension during a match, that ends his game for the day. Another player should replace him, it the duty and right of the opponents to point whom they want to replace him.

link:  check out Smarto Children sports game on YouTube


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