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Skooing is a new sport created by Dennis McClanahan from Kansas City, MO, USA in Winter 2019. Skooing is an inexpensive alternative to skiing. To skoo you have to convert two Skoots into skoos. A skoot is a kick scooter with the t-bars shortened so the Skoots can be brought closer together and each skoot can be steered with one hand (see the new sport of Skooting).  The only rule for Skooing is to have fun and stay safe.  Wear protective equipment.

Equipment Required: Skoos, protective equipment, snow-covered hill.

To convert the Skoots into skoos is very simple.  Replace the wheels with skids that are available on line.  Railz is one company that sells them.  The advantage Skooing has over skiing is that no special boots are needed.  You just hop on the skoos and skoo down the hill.  They are also easier to steer than skis.  The advantage over snow scooters is that you have two platforms under your feet.  Skooing is to snow scootering as skiing is to snowboarding.  All of them are fun, and all are different.


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