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Skillsball (a new sport)

The new sport of Skillsball was created by John Greene of Maryland in 2009. It is a unique sport that is fast-paced and fun using skills from a number of existing sports. Skillsball is 'not just another sport',  it is a part of a three-pronged approach to healthy living: (A part of the 'For a Fit Life'  project).

Sport Description

Settings at the game: Skillsball games will have, as a standard set up, information kiosk and tables for health and wellness issues along with education and networking kiosk, manned by experts and business owners.

Skillsball is a game created to be played between two teams; teams of five for advance play and teams of seven for intermediate or beginners play. Games shall be played on suitable surfaces; indoor or outdoor in accordance with these official rules. Games shall be played under the jurisdiction of at least one referee, but no more than two. 

The Object of the game
Skillsball games shall be played by teams who do all that are possible within the rules of the game to score goals more than their opponents in order to secure a win.

The Winner
The winner of a Skillsball game shall be the team, which shall have in accordance with the rules of the game, scored the greater number of goals in the opponent's goal.

Start if Game: 
A Skillsball game shall be started by the flipping of a coin to determine who home team is and the home team shall have the choice of who gets the ball first and what goal they want to defend.

A regulation Game/ duration:
A Skillsball regulation game shall be played for 60 minutes advance level play or 50 minutes intermediate or beginners level play. It shall consist of two halves 30 each for advance play; 25 each for intermediate or beginners play. In some tournaments the 'tournament director'  can sanction four quarters of 15 minutes each quarter for advance play or 12minutes and 30 seconds for intermediate or beginners play. Altering of playing time shall be based weather conditions, or players'  ability to see in the light condition. If one half or quarter is played for a particular amount of time then the half or quarters shall be played for the same amount of time. 

Additional Time
In the some circumstances addition of time can occur with the refereesâ  judgment; this practice shall be discouraged. Referees shall be encouraged to stop the clock if they find teams wasting time on excessive substitutions and if players are injured and any other reason that the game stopped for a period of time that the referees consider as not in the spirit of

Skillsball Rules of play

Skillsball rules shall not be interpreted as the rules for any other sport. It is a unique sport and must follow the Skillsball rules as set forth in this document. The referees'  opinion shall be final on the field of play and excessive player dissent shall not be tolerated.

  1. This sport shall be non-contact therefore any crossing over, under or around the barrier net is strictly prohibited.
  2. Fouls in a Skillsball game shall be only if a player deliberately handles the ball, regardless as to where they may be on their side of the field with the parameters of the area legally designated as play area. A deliberate handball which denies a goal shall result in a penalty and that player or players be ordered to the side line for one possession of play. Continuous handball (three times in a game) shall result in an ejection of that player and the team will not be allowed to replace that player for five possessions on offense and defense.
  3. The game shall not be stopped for infringement of goal block restriction zone, unless the violation directly results in preventing a goal from been scored; in which case the team will be penalized a time out. At all other  times in regards this violation the referee shall speak with the captain and report the players violation to the scorerâ s table, repeated violations shall result in the player or players sent to the sidelines for one play. Players shall only be allowed 4 seconds in the goal block zone.
  4. If the ball is played into a players own goal in any circumstance an own goal results
  5. Players are allowed to kick the ball into the opponent's goal via the space under the barrier net, but only by taking a volley in one attempt. If that try fails the team can keep the ball as long as they are juggling and not passing the ball on the ground. If the ball is kicked into the net under any circumstances the team keeps the ball as long as they are juggling it outside the no play zone and have time on the 15 seconds possession clock. Passing the ball on the ground is prohibited and the referee must shout 'up'  to the players.  The ball can drop but must be juggled as soon as possible thereafter.
  6. In the result of a penalty, the ball will be placed on the penalty spot and the captain will indicate to the referee who will take the kick. The opponents are only allowed to stay in the penalty square and reach out with a leg or any part of their bodies except their hands to stop the ball. No defender shall be allowed to come completely out of the penalty square to stop a penalty. If a player violates this rule that player(s) shall be barred from attempting a stop the next time unless a goal results; in which case the referee shall award a goal to the team taking the penalty. In some tournaments a double ball penalty can be allowed. If a penalty fails and the ball stays in play the game continues with the defending team in possession of the ball.
  7. A Double Ball Penalty is when the team taking the penalty takes the option of juggling two balls with the opportunity to score two goals. 

Equipment Required:

  1. Field. Skillsball shall be played on a field, indoor, outdoor and or beach. 
  2. Other Skillsball approved surfaces. Skillsball shall have a transportable component, where all the parts of the field include but not limited to the goals, the barrier net, the field marking tapes or paint, and balls. This shall allow Skillsball to be played on surfaces other than what is outline SOR 3:1 above, but with the approval of Skillsball only. 
  3. Lines. The lines marking a Skillsball area in which the ball can be legally played shall not exceed a width of five inches.
  4. No Play Zone. Shall be an area marked by lines on either side of the barrier net and at a distance of 2feet from the barrier net on each side
  5. Goal Block Zone. Shall be an area marked with lines running from each goal post upright on one side and ending at the goal posts upright on the other side. The width shall be 10ft wide and the height 8ft, players shall not be allowed to stand in this zone while the opponent is in possession of the ball. They shall be allowed to move in and out of the area quickly- 4 seconds is the maximum time allowed for players to stand in the goal block zone. 
  6. Penalty Square. Shall be 2 boxes measuring 3ft by 3ft  and are positioned outside the goal block zone on each side and 2ft from the out-of-bounds lines on the left and  right side of each goal on each side. One player shall stand in each of the boxes when the opponent is taking a penalty kick.
  7. Caution Parameter . Shall be a parameter marked around the inner out of bounds lines and shall be 2feet expansion on the inner out of bounds parameter. The ball is out of bouts if it crosses that area in the air and any player goes beyond that area with his feet to retrieve the ball 
  8. Inner out of Bounds Line. Shall be that area that is considered the official size of the Skillsball legally approved size of field. The ball is out of bounds once it crosses that line on the ground.
  9. The Goals. Shall be made of Skillsball approved material and shall measure 10ft wide by 8ft high and shall have a net attached to it to make occurrence of goals scored more obvious to judge.
  10. Barrier Net. Shall be adjustable based on the Skillsball skill level of the game been played.
    1 foot for kids with no space at the bottom
    2feet for beginners with no space at the bottom
    2feet for intermediate with a foot of space from the bottom of the net to the ground
    4feet for advance and masters with a foot of space from the bottom of the net to the ground

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