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The new sport of Segway was created by Ashish Hamza of India in March 2017. This is a wheel-based ball type sport played by two teams of five players each, where each player is equipped with a three-wheeled manual kick scooter for transport.

Equipment Required: Three-wheeled manual kick scooter, Helmets, Gloves, Rubber ball (spherical), basic protective gear.

Players from The offensive team attempt to score goals by advancing all the way to the opposite end of the court and throwing a spherical rubber ball into a goal post, earning three points by doing so. The defensive team earns a point when one player touches or "tags" the offensive player in possession of the ball. A player is said to be "tagged out" upon being tagged by four players from the defensive team. Teams alternate positions as offence and defense every twenty minutes. The duration for a match shall be 80 minutes in all. Players are exempted from leaving their scooters by placing both feet on the court simultaneously. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Why Segway?

I know there is a vehicle called of the similar name has recently stormed the market and its popularity is growing day after day, but why not name my sport segway? I mean, if the english were aware of an insect called cricket long before the invention of "cricket" as a sport, then what may be the harm? As a matter of fact, why would someone name a sport after a living creature? Funny, isn't it?

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