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The new sport of Sego was created by Nkaelang Samuel Gomolemo of South Africa in 2009. The Game is played in South Africa in North West Province, registered as its own entity. The Department of Sport has already called the inventor to come on board to find how this game came be promoted across the world and benefit people across the globe. Funding is still a prerequisite to take this game further.


Sego is a South African Setswana Tradition Concept. The name Sego is the name of the Traditional pot used in this name and it is used as Goal post, and the other goal post is called Loselo which is also our cultural traditional name of Setswana.

The game is played by 9 players each side of the field, Each team have to score firstly from their Pot and resume scoring in other Goal Post. A pot count 3 points per score and Loselo count 2 points. This style is continued until the winning team with the most goals is declared as winner. No ball can be played with the foot or head etc.

Equipment Required:  Sego Ball referees Molamus, clothing

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