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The new sport of Scoops was created by FirmSportsLLC from Chicago, Illinois USA in the Summer 2005. Scoops is a non-contact game, which when played at its highest level, resembles two pitchers hurling a ball at each other trying to throw a strike, and trying to catch the ball like a line-drive. The versatility of the game allows instant high level competition. The scoop allows you to throw even faster than you could with just your arm, and the blocker allows the player to slow any shot into a catchable pop-up. You can throw fastballs, curveballs, sliders and drop shots. The more an you play,  the more creative you can become with your shots.

The best thing about Scoops is how easy it is to play. All you need is a table of any size for the ball to bounce on, a Scoops set, and a friend. It can be played in lunchrooms, gyms, classrooms, backyards or the park. Wherever there is a table, Scoops can be played.

Equipment Required: Any table, 2 scoops, 2 blockers, 1 wiffle ball.



A single table is placed in the middle of the court. A horizontal serving line extends 8 feet from the foot of the table on each side.


The game is played with 2 to 4 people. 1 or 2 players stand on opposing sides of the table.



The goal is to bounce the ball off the table so that it passes the length of the entire table in a way that the returning player cannot catch the ball.

A point can be scored by:


At least one foot of the serving player must always stay behind the serving line until the ball is released when utilizing the scoop in the throw. The ball must be thrown using either the scoop or the blocker.A blocker may be used to serve the ball from in front of the serving line only when the ball makes contact with the blocker a single time.The ball must bounce upon the table once, and cannot bounce upon the table more than twice in any single serve.  If the player bounces the ball off the table and it comes back towards the serving player they are allowed to serve the ball again, so long as they catch the initial throw.

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