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Salto Ball (a new sport)

The new sport of Salto Ball was created by Luke Maller of the USA in February 2022. Salto Ball is kind of like basketball on a trampoline but with 3 baskets and more rules.
There are only 3 players on each team. Only certain players can score and shoot at different spots. You can get extra points for flashy plays. There are six five minute periods.

Equipment Required:  5 inch and 12 cm rubber ball, A trampoline, 3 mini hoops.  If you don't have a official 30 foot trampoline you can just use whatever trampoline you want. You just need to put 3 mini hoops and duck tape the three point line.  

Sport Description

The objective of the game is to have more points than the opposing team at the end of 6 five minute periods. To score you must place the ball in one of the 3 baskets or hoops. It does not matter which hoop you score in . If you score it is worth 3 points.

You may also do a jam or as it's known in basketball a slam dunk. It is a shot in which a player thrusts the ball forcefully down through the basket. A flashy jam such as a 360, or through the legs or a poster dunk is worth 4 points. 

There is one official refereeing the game. There are also two inbounders who's job is to grab if it goes out of bounds. There are 3 players on the trampoline per team. But there are 10 players on each team in total.

The coach may make a substitution before a play starts. The coach also has 3 timeouts per game. They may call a timeout whenever their team has possession of the ball. If the ball goes out the opposite team of the team that touched it last gets the ball at the top of the court.

There are 3 positions:

Now that you know the positions we can talk about other stuff. If you are on a shot and someone has contact with your arm it is a penalty then the shooter for your team will shoot a free throw from 5 feet away from the hoop of their choice with their eyes closed. The player gets one free throw that is worth the amount of points the player was shooting. If the penalty is contact to the face or private parts it is a severe penalty. The shooter can do the free-throw with one of their eyes open and they get to choose which eye.

Each team only has three passes. If they attempt a fourth pass the other team gains possession. If a team has 13 of these calls they have to forfeit. If a player gets 4 penalties in one game they are ejected. Severe penalties count as two regular penalties.

If you are using inappropriate language or gestures to a player such as cursing, pointing the middle finger or mooning somebody. It is also a penalty and the player gets a free throw.

If the score is tied at the end of regulation there is more time where the first person to score wins.

At the beginning of games the referee must think of a thing. The referee will say a category and then he does a coin flip and whoever wins gets the first question. Then the coaches of each team will alternate asking questions then they both make a guess who's ever guess was closest starts with the ball.

In overtime the referee chooses who starts with the ball.

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