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The new sport of Runblock is an active, fun sport created by John Yi from Pleasanton, California in October 2013. Runblock is a sport in which people try to run from one side of the court to the other without getting tagged. On getting there, they must bring a ball back.


The ball is about the size of a Skyball brand bouncy ball, and is as bouncy. The court is 150 feet long, and 50 feet wide. Each team has 19 people. 17 players, and 2 subs. There are 2 mini teams in a team, the offense, of 10 players, and the defense, of 7. The CORE PLAYER plays both offense and defense. The offense consists of 3 runners, who get to the end, 6 shielders who block the defense from getting to the runners, and the CORE PLAYER, who is a 4th runner, and the leader of the attack force. If a runner is tagged, they go to the sidelines of their team. Shielders are untaggable, and they have a medium sized plastic foam covered shield.the shield.the ball. The defense consists of 6 defenders also called stoppers, and the CORE PLAYER, this time the 7th stopper. All the stoppers try to avoid the shielders and try to tag the runners. Once and if the offense gets to the end line safe area, the offense all gather there, including the tagged ones. The CORE PLAYER then starts off with the ball. They can run with the ball, or pass it. In passing, the ball can roll or bounce infinitely. If the player with the ball or all the runners get tagged, and the ball holder was behind the half line, the offense gets a second try. The court is split into 4ths. The offense gets ¼, and the defense gets ¾. once the offense crosses their ¼ line, they can officially get tagged by the defense. On returning with the ball, the offense must pass their ¼ line without the ball holder getting tagged once, and possibly twice (see half line rule.)


padding, foam shields for shielders, ball

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