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Runball - a new sport

Runball is a new sport created by Conner Cavender from the USA in April 2021. It is an easy to set up sport with simple game play. The game, though simple, can be very competitive and entertaining with games often coming down to the wire leading to intense game play. With its somewhat unique usage of poles it can be very fun to play with friends and family both competitively and casually.

Equipment Required: Four poles, a ball, and maybe some protective gear.

Sport Description

The game takes place on a square field with two poles (or posts) being placed on opposite ends of field. These poles are called Goal Poles. Two other poles are to be placed perpendicular to the two poles and spread out 2 meters apart from the center of the field. These poles are called Bar Poles.

The aim of the game is to score Runs by throwing the ball to the other side. As in any sport there are rules to this to make the game fair and engaging. The ball must be thrown under and inside the Bar Poles. When the ball hits the ground before it reaches the Goal Bar it then gives the thrower of the ball a chance to earn a Run.

The person who threw the ball to the other side to score a run must first: Touch the leftmost Bar Pole and then run to and touch the Goal pole, this will score a run. If you are skilled enough you could throw the ball at the Goal Post to score a Run but the ball can't touch the ground if the 'Goal Run' is to count. If the player doesn't follow this in order the Run will not count.

If the defending player grabs the ball before the 'Runner' touches the Goal Pole the run doesn't count. The defending team, after grabbing the ball, will then become the offense with the other team becoming defense. The defender who grabbed the ball will be the one to throw the ball.

The game's points go up to 3 to 6 Runs depending on both team's preferences. If the team reaches the point score limit they win the game.

The game is best played with a even numbered team with the max being 12 players (six on each side). The Goal Post may be adjusted with the number of players and the room players have but the recommended limit is 6.5 meters or 21 feet and four inches.

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