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The new sport of Ruchanchii was created by Royhakkinen from Canada. The sport involves kicking or carrying a small heavy black ball and score points on the other teams net. No ruchanchii ball has been developed yet because I have no money so if some one is interested please let me know by leaving a comment below.


The sport is played with a mini soccerball sized black ball that is somewhat heavy. Its played with 8 players + a goalie with soccer style nets and creases on field divided into Fifths. The rules are you can kick or carry, you cant pick it up - you have to kick it up, if you carry the ball you can get tackled and then have to lose the ball in 3 sec., every second over is penalized a point up to 5 seconds where then the player has Jada called on him (a 3min penalty) and the ball is passed to an opposing player, you cant pass straight forward or back and must be at least roughly 15 degrees either way to the side. You have to pass at least one time every fifth section or kyiiani (ky-ee-an-ee)is called and the ball is passed to any opposing player. If the ball goes out of bounds a soccer style throw in/corner kick is given. A goal is worth 5 points.

A Kicha (kee-cha) is when you pass or kick a triangle around a single opponent, Must be in the middle three fifths for it to count. opponents can save each other by putting two players in the triangle before the passes are complete, scores 1 point for a Kicha.

A Siche (seesh)is used for when you score a goal, you must be in the last fifth of the field for it to apply. A Siche is when two you pass two consecutive passes before a goal. It is rewarded 3 points.

This is where it gets complicated, you can score double and triple Kicha's and Siche's,which must be separate complete Kicha's/Siche's.

an extra 3 points for a double Kicha and an extra 6 points for triple Kicha
an extra 5 points for a double Siche An extra 7 points for a triple Siche

75 points is an instant win

Equipment Required: Small Heavy Black Ball size of a mini soccer ball.

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