The new sport of Ringer was created by Marco Cortez of the USA in June 2017. Ringer is soccer but using your hands instead of your feet. The aim is to get a ball into a ring. The ball is shaped like a soccer ball but smaller, though bigger than a baseball. The game is divided into 3 periods, 15 minutes each.

Equipment Required: Cleats, gloves, shingaurds, and team uniform.


There are seven players per team on the field at a time, a total of 14 players on the field at once. There is one goalie per team on the field, the goalie can use their whole body as long as they are in the goalie zone which starts 20 yards away from the ring. The other positions can only use their hands. The positions are left wing, right wing, offensive mid, defensive mid, left defender, and right defender. The team can have 9 substitutes and can sub players whenever the game is not in play.


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