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Relay Ball

The new sport of Relay Ball was created by Zane Gardner from Dekalb Junction, New York in 2018. The sport is a combination of football and basketball. Rules are simple, you run around cones and throw a football into the trashcan bin. The game is played in 3 x 10 minute periods.

Equipment Required: Trashcan bin and or basketball hoop, cones for an oval shape track and a football.

Sport Summary

UPDATE: we changed some of the rules around and you have to start off as a face off no longer you have to go around in circles


Relay Ball is a simple sport played on basketball courts, with basketball type rules with the exception of travling and dribbling the out of bounds are in normal basketball and with no shot clock. It is usually played one-on-one. One player kicks the ball to the opponent's side of the field as they try to catch the ball, and as they try to throw the ball at the trashcan bin and or basketball hoop the kicker runs around in circular type motion. 

relay ball court Relay Ball court

Rules and Positions

Teams are free to use any configuration If it's more than one on one it's seven on each side of the ball

Personal fouls are:

If he or she reaches two fouls or more he or she must sit out the rest of the game.

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