Rebound Beach Volleyball

The relatively new sport of Rebound beach volleyball was submitted by Shane of Bundaberg, Australia. The creators of this sport is unknown, though it has been played since the late 1980's. The sport is like beach volleyball played indoors, surrounded by high tensioned nets.

Players can lean off side nets and the ball can rebound off also - creating a fast game for able players and easier game for the novice. This is just an awesome social game and a weekly event if not nightly across Australia. Blow your mind with speed, sass, social atmosphere and funk on the sand all year round.


Rebound Beach Volleyball is a mix or indoor volleyball and beach volleyball. You can play with as many as six players or just two. The ball can rebound off the side nets once the ball has been served cleanly into the receiving teams court. Each team has three legal hits on their side of the court. A point is score when the serving team wins a rally. Continuous scoring/ No "set" style scoring.

Equipment Required: Big ass shed, plenty of sand, rebound courts, centre net, ball and awesome  friends.

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