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Here is another sport invented by Doug Yurchey (aka Tray Caladan), a combination of soccer, water-polo, basketball and dodge ball called Soccerball. Soccerball is not a sport currently played, but if Doug has anything to do with it, it will become a popular sport of the future. See more of his R-World Sports.

About Soccerball

Soccerball is a combination of soccer, water-polo, basketball and dodge ball.  There are eight players to a team and there are no permanent goalies. The game can be played outdoors on grass or indoors on a large court. The field size is 100’ x 75’ with a ‘Single Player Area’ (‘spa’) in front of each goal measuring 15’ x 10’, goals are 7.5 feet wide, 5 feet high and raised one foot off the ground.


Object of the game is to score the most goals, which is best accomplished by eliminating the opposition. Rules of dodge ball apply: players can run with the ball and ‘strike,’ which means to throw at opponents.  If ball is caught, thrower is permanently out of the game.  If player is struck and misses the ball, that player is permanently out of the game. No player can enter SPA in front of the opponent’s goal. Non-goalie players cannot join the goalie in their own SPA.  Only one player (goalie) is allowed within Single Player Area. No shot can be bounced into the goals.  Balls cannot be kicked or head-butted into the goals; only thrown balls count in Soccerball. Players can only be hit outside of the 10 feet distance.


doug yurcheyThere are other invented sports by Tray Caladan. All information about these sports, including the ideas and images, are subject to copyright. If you want more information or are ready to help make these sports a reality, Tray would love to hear from you: [email protected].

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