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The new sport of Quickball was created by Gabriel Glaze from Fishers, IN, United States in 2016. So it is a sport played inside by passing a ball to your teammates until someone can catch it in a box to score a quick. (there is another sport with the same name)

Equipment Required: no real equipment, just a uniform, two armbands (which are part of the uniform), and a ball.


To score, you must catch the ball in a small box. When this happens, your team gets a quick. Each quick is worth one point.

However, if a defender touches the ball handler's armband, a slow occurs, which automatically ends the play.

It is not entirely a contact sport, so if an injury occurs, it is considered a foul. There are also penalties.

Penalties include offside, ineligible slow, ineligible quick, guarding (when a defender prevents the handler from passing), head pass, and head block.

A game begins with a coin toss, then a pass-off, which is when the referee throws the ball to a player on the team who won the toss.

There are no quarters, so the game is divided into halves only. Players alternate from offense to defense, and back to offense throughout the half. At the start of the second half, the ref passes it off to the team who didn't get the opening pass-off.

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